Impossible Key Performance Indicators – Setting It Right

Contributor: Sher Yen

Do you hate being measured?  Do you think your key measurements are unreasonable?  Have you ever gotten a measurement of 100 percent occupancy rate throughout the whole year?  That DOES sound ridiculous, even to us.

These are some of the frustrations brought up by a few top managers who joined us for the management briefing workshop.

“How do we achieve a target when we can’t even determine the leading indicators?”

“These are unrealistic goals within such ridiculous timeline!”

“There are too many grey area.”

If you have heard of Stephen Covey, you would have heard of his Four Disciplines of Execution, also known as the 4DX.

The 4 Disciplines exist for one reason: to execute on a plan in the midst of the whirlwind of distractions.  When you see the results, it is already a LAG measurement, the effect of your doings.  The leading indicators serve as a weekly measurement that works towards your Wildly Important Goals (WIG).


The 4 Disciplines of Execution

The 4DX acts like Moses guiding his people through the red sea.

To set the employee’s key performance indicators, you must have a legit road map to achieve it. The leads are the road map.

First, set your Wildly Important Goals, then determine the daily activity that contributes to the WIG.  Keep a scoreboard that you can track on a weekly basis.  The final step is to be accountable of the results, for better or worse.

4DX example

Research shows that only 15 percent of employees actually know their organization’s most important goals. There are either no goals or too many goals – or people aren’t sure which goals matter most.

By Frankly Covey

Do Take Note: it is strongly discouraged to have too many goals. The more you try to do, the less you will accomplish.

number of WIG


To answer those frustrations, managers must first clarify and communicate the main goal of the company, the main goal of each individual and how their goal contributes to the company.  Determine if the WIG is reasonable, if it is achievable with the set of lead measurement, focus and discipline your way through the whole year.  Finally, always allow two way communications and listen to what your people have to say, clarify their doubts.


Everyone Comes With an Agenda… Or two

Contributor: Sher Yen

What happens when an executive search firm and an event comes together – employees flocking in to seek for a greener pasture.

It is exceptional for an executive search firm to organize events due to the nature of our business.  But Executive WorkPlace International has been organising talks, workshops and seminars.

The purpose of these events?  In view of business, to generate more leads.  In view of relationship, to foster better relationships with our clients and candidates.  In view of marketing, to establish our name and position as head hunter within the spawning industry.  As consultants in this executive search industry, we are more than willing to share our know hows with the rest.

With no surprise, the first people who eagerly sign themselves up are the “sales” agents.  Second in line, the job seekers.

Our last Chinese New Year Gathering took place on 14th February, in conjunction with both Chinese and Western Valentine’s day.  After the event, we conducted a post mortem.  The first thing we all agreed upon; to be selective when it comes to attendees.  We have gotten complaints of pushy insurance agent asking insurance related questions during the “Interview Your Neighbour” Ice Breaking session when they were supposed to interview each other using the name cards as a mock resumes – A fun way of providing interview tips for hiring managers.

“I am not looking for a job,” Stella* said.  “I just can’t work with local china man bosses!”  She went on sharing her experience and knowledge with me for at least an hour.  We also met a few attendees of such, who were apparent with their intentions.

Everyone comes with an agenda.  We have our agenda, participants have their own agenda.

As candidate, this IS one way of conducting your marketing campaign.  Knowing a few head hunters personally is beneficial because you get an insight to the market (assuming they cover the job function or industry of your interest).  You could actively seek their advice in relation to hiring and onboarding matters, or for their core service – to get the right people you need for your organisation.

It is also a good networking arena to meet managerial level executives.  Occasions like these are usually an informative session where we provide real life examples of recruitment and people management.  After all, information sharing is the new networking.

There is nothing wrong when you come with an agenda or two, but do practise good participant ethics and let’s not become the party pooper of the day, shall we?

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

Event photos can be found here.