Glocalized Business

Glocalization is no longer just a concept but actual initiatives by multinationals to customize its products and services for the locality or culture in which it is sold.    Many companies are discovering their globalization strategies need to be tempered with local insights and execution know-how from experienced people on the ground.

New jobs in marketing insights and social media are gaining popularity.  Huge monolithic multinationals are recruiting people who are skilled in marketing insights and social media to help transform their traditional organizations into nimble, agile and glocal companies.

Traditional barriers to greater international and regional trades have crumbled.  Securing work permits to work in a foreign country by skilled and young professionals have eased greatly.  The advent of internet and the commoditization of air-travel have massively multiply global and regional trade.  The impetus for greater glocalization is the realization by multinationals that it is easier to embrace diversity than to homogenize the global market.

Multinationals have to struggle with labour challenges, infrastructure and environmental constraints, non-trade barriers to local market access, inadequately developed institutions, legal nightmares, intellectual property rights infringements, and other business culture shocks.  Foreign managers have to think out-of-the-box solutions to unconventional challenges and issues.

Many of the speakers emerged from the trenches after surviving the great Asia Pacific transformation from the backwater economies to many of the world leading economic power-houses of today.  They will share with you their survival strategies, tactics and know-how to avoid pitfalls should you decide to take the plunge.

Allow these real world practitioners to guide you.  Come meet and network with people who are “DOING BUSINESS ACROSS BORDERS: Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil.”   They will be there on the 12th April 2014.


Event: DOING BUSINESS ACROSS BORDERS: Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil
Date: 12th April 2014
Time: 8am – 6pm
Speakers: Daniel Liu – “Doing Business in China & Hong Kong”
Lucille Wu – “Doing Business in Taiwan”
Mitch Tomizawa – “Doing Business in Japan”
Dr Benchalak Phutinart – “Doing Business in Thailand”
Duff Watkins – “Doing Business in Australia, NZ, Brazil”
Federico Tomarelli – “Managing your remote employees: An Italian Manager’s experience of going GLOCAL!”
Mohamad Abu Bakar – “Managing Generation Y across borders”

EARLY BIRD RATE: First 10 early birds will received a copy of “First-Time Leader” by George Bradt & Gillian Davis.

To register, visit, contact +603-79553686 | +6016-209 7310, or email

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