Doing Business Across Borders: Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil

Contributor: Sher Yen

April 16, 2014, Kuala Lumpur – Directors, entrepreneurs, decision makers and top managers came together on Saturday, April 12th for one purpose: to learn from the real people who make borderless business possible in “Doing Business Across Borders: Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil” seminar.

GLOCAL is a term that puts together the idea of business globalization with local execution insights. “The foundation of a thriving regional business is a strong local presence. Strong local presences require the experience, skills and knowledge of local people, local information, local everything at the street level,” the Managing Director and facilitator of the seminar, Tan Aik Seng stated during the opening session. This seminar was organized with the intention of helping businesses to expand overseas by connecting them with people with real on the ground experience and expertise.

Tan Aik Seng, Executive WorkPlace International

Opening session

Forty two internationally business-minded participants attended the seminar, including Mr.Chung Tze Hien, Director of MABC – Mulpha International Berhad; Mr. Wei Xiao Gang, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Malaysia) Berhad,  and other notable top managers. Speakers shared their insights on their respective country: China, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand and Brazil.  There were also questions targeted towards more mature economies such as Taiwan, Japan and Australia.

Duff Watkins, Mitch Tomizawa, Dr. Benchalak on "Doing Business in Australia, Japan, Thailand"

From left: Duff Watkins, Mitch Tomizawa, Dr. Benchalak on “Doing Business in Australia, Japan, Thailand”

Mr. Tomarelli of MAIT Italy shared his experience of managing his remote staffs across the region.  He emphasized the need to “constantly get them [the employees] to update [their progress] on a weekly basis,” and “bring them for factory and HQ visits so as to imbue the organization culture and values to their remote employees.”

Tan Aik Seng, Daniel Liu, Federico Tomarelli, Lucille Wu on "Managing Gen Y across borders, Doing business in China, How to manage your employees remotely and Doing business in Taiwan"

From left: Tan Aik Seng on “Managing Gen Y Across Borders”, Daniel Liu on “Doing Business in China”, Federico Tomarelli on “Managing Your Employees Remotely” and Lucille Wu on “Doing business in Taiwan”

The seminar ended with Tan sharing on “Managing Generation Y across borders”. This topic helped us understand that similar traits are found across all generations regardless of class, creed or race. “Generation Y is a product of Generation X, and so on.” Managers should take responsibility in recruiting, training and managing talents. In return, employees should take responsibility and accountability of their work. When it comes to nature versus nurture, one cannot escape nurturing too.

Executive WorkPlace International is an executive search and on-boarding firm specialising in the search of key technical, professional and managerial positions. We take the time to understand “who do you REALLY need to get onboard?”

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