Labour Day: 8 Ways to Express Your Appreciation

Contributor: Sher Yen

Thank you noteWhat is Labour Day to You?

Is it another public holiday to relax at home, another day to kick up your feet and watch some television programme? Whether you are an employer or employee, it is definitely a day to celebrate the achievements of all workers.

Labour Day or International Worker’s Day is the best day to show your gratefulness to the people who worked and contributed to the company. A simple gesture or acknowledgement indicates your appreciation to their hard work, and this creates good vibes towards the manager or employer. According to a survey, 78% of people would work harder in their jobs if they were recognized. Why not make some effort in thanking your employees?

8 ways to express your appreciation:

  1. Recognize achievements – Write words of recognition on a sticky note and place it on their desk area. Alternatively, write an email to everyone. It shows you pay attention, it shows you care, it makes people feel valued.
  2. Most people appreciate food. Take them out for lunch!
  3. Surprise staffs by bringing in ice cream, doughnuts, cookies or other treats.
  4. Gift certificates or vouchers – A pair of movie tickets or holiday vouchers that shout, “Thanks for your hard work, you deserve a good rest!”
  5. Genuinely thank your employees or subordinates face to face, see the expression on their face change.
  6. Provide opportunity, give them training. Most employees appreciate when company invest in them. It shows that the company trusted them.
  7. A company sponsored social event, such as a holiday party or happy hour.
  8. Keep the pantry stocked all the time with healthy snacks, fruits, juice, coffee and tea. Brain related work consumes a lot of energy and what better way to keep them awake by keeping their energy level high.

As an employer or an employee, it is best to show your appreciation to each other from time to time.  Not just on Labour Day!


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